About Us

HeavenlyRx is a dynamic wellness company that believes in the power of CBD.

At HeavenlyRx, we are redefining the consumer packaged goods (CPG) marketplace through a “seed to shelf” approach that partners pioneering farm technology with innovative brand design.

In doing so, we aim to delight people with meaningful products that enhance their daily lives.


In May of this year, HeavenlyRx acquired Blühen with the goal of Bluhen becoming HeavenlyRx's exclusive supplier of hemp-derived CBD , providing HeavenlyRx with a guaranteed source of the highest quality ingredients for its burgeoning CBD product offerings. 

"Where Science Meets Hemp"



Science and hemp all day, every day. Blühen’s experts work to identify unique strains of industrial hemp with the highest CBD yield and explore the genetics of other cannabinoids. Plants are hand-cultivated in our research and development facility that uses deep-water-culture hydroponics and sustainable growing practices before heading to our in-house lab. We employ the rigors of a pharmaceutical laboratory to test and evaluate various specimens and resulting products. The aim? To identify the top cultivars for different regions of the country and the world.


The ground, the soil, and its farmer matter. Blühen has partnered with select farms throughout the US to provide non-GMO, all natural hemp grown without herbicides, pesticides, and chemical fertilizers. Our experienced horticulturists, plant pathologists, agronomists, and entomologists work directly with our farming partners to ensure the best CBD yield and overall health of their hemp crop.


We’re picky. Our obsession with quality led us to go with the safest, most efficient method of extracting CBD from the plant: ethanol extraction. Once the CBD within the plant is dissolved into sub-zero ethanol, we use an evaporator, a short-path distillation process, and a crystallization chamber to get any residual ethanol and remaining particles out. The end result: 99% pure CBD in powder form.